RMI understands that the only way to master a craft is through years of dedication and focus. Which is why, as a team of experienced, alternative-thinking investment specialists, we do one thing and we do it well. RMI focuses on the financial services sector.


RMI invests in businesses that can redefine the financial services landscape

RMI identifies innovative and disruptive financial services business that can benefit from our specialist investment skills.


RMI adds value by becoming a shareholder of influence and actively partnering entrepreneurial management teams.


RMI acquires meaningful interests that enable us to carve out strategic alliances on a partnership basis.


Creative, entrepreneurial and values-based management is an important investment criterion. RMI strongly believes that combining our finely honed investment skills and experience with the smart technology and platforms of the companies we invest in, results in superior returns to shareholders through sustainable dividends and capital growth.


We reference our past to preserve our future

RMI strives to build on the rich legacy and successful 40-year history of the RMB Group of companies.


Combining traditional values and trusted experience with forward-thinking new technology and ideas, helps RMI to optimise, diversify and modernise its investment portfolio.

RMI’s three-tiered investment strategy is designed to deliver a well-balanced and globally diverse portfolio, creating value for its shareholders over the long-term.


Growing the intrinsic value of investments

RMI will continuously nurture and enhance its investment portfolio by actively engaging in strategic dialogue with its management partners.


Expanding into new markets and segments

RMI seeks to hold a set of investments that is diversified in terms of financial services sub-sectors and geography.


Pioneering the next frontier

RMI is actively participating in a dynamic financial services landscape.


RMI’s objective is to identify, partner and grow next-generation financial services businesses either through its existing portfolio or through entrepreneur-led businesses.


RMI is the strategic, active manager of a multi-billion Rand financial services portfolio

RMI intends to evolve over time to increase the size and geographic diversity of its portfolio to ensure a balance between growth and return-focused investments.