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RMI is a specialist financial services investment holding company with the objective of achieving superior returns for investors

RMI’s objective is to optimise, diversify and modernise its portfolio by being a shareholder of influence that partners passionate, smart and industry-changing management teams.

RMI’s investment portfolio is managed on a decentralised basis through distinct legal entities in terms of which day to day operational running of its investee companies is the responsibility of the respective boards and management partners.


A key tenet of the RMI model is to align its interests with management through supporting and, where appropriate, facilitating equity arrangements that foster partnership principles and entrench owner-manager mindset.


RMI’s focus is on capital allocation decisions, strategic positioning and being a consistent sounding board. The active portfolio management approach includes strategic, financial and managerial support. RMI seeks to unlock value by creating the environment for possible corporate activity.


The extensive experience of the RMI board and the investment team as founders, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and advisors is leveraged to the benefit of its portfolio companies.

“Through FirstRand, when we unbundled, RMI became our biggest shareholder. They’re a 25% shareholder and a fantastic partner; I think that when you make expansions like this, having your shareholders onside right at the point of decision-making is critical. The feedback that we have received as a result has always proven invaluable in aligning our thinking as well. Frankly, it’s been more than a wonderful partnership – it has been a friendship.”


Adrian Gore, Founder and Group CEO, Discovery

RMI’s predecessor company, RMH, provided OUTsurance with the capital to start our business and has been our shareholder of reference throughout our history. RMI also provided us with funding to start our Australian operation Youi. More recently, RMI has played an active role in supporting OUTsurance with new initiatives. As a patient shareholder which shares the longer term vision of the business, RMI is the ideal shareholder to have.” Willem Roos, Founder and CEO, OUTsurance


Willem Roos, Founder and CEO, OUTsurance

“MMI is proud to be associated with RMI as our largest shareholder. RMI has an excellent reputation in the financial services industry and we fully subscribe to RMI’s values-based approach to doing business. We believe RMI’s considerable financial strength and long-term philosophy are strong strategic enablers. We sincerely value the strategic input we receive from RMI’s thought leaders in respect of MMI’s client-centric strategy and growth initiatives. MMI echoes the importance that RMI places on innovation and we enjoy being one of the portfolio companies forming part of RMI’s AlphaCode club for next generation financial services entrepreneurs.”


Nicolaas Kruger, CEO, MMI

“RMI has a number of investments in insurance businesses in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, and I was delighted when they became our largest shareholder in March 2017 with an investment of 29.9%. It is important for us to have shareholders that understand our business, reflect our values and share our commitment and focus on long-term sustained growth. We believe RMI’s breadth of experience and capabilities could provide opportunities to help further deliver our growth strategy and we look forward to exploring these over time.”


Gary Hoffman, CEO, Hastings

“RMI have already added significant value to Merchant Capital in the 2 short years since acquiring a 25.1% equity stake in our business. In addition to the instant credibility, alignment of core values and strategic contribution, the support for our continual entrepreneurial style has been a particular highlight.”


Dov Girnun, Founder and CEO, Merchant Capital