Approach       Differentiators       Criteria       Portfolio

RMI invests in businesses that span the breadth and width of financial services

From early stage to mature businesses, South Africa focused to global and traditional models to next generation fintech

Investments must meet the following criteria:



  • Unique and potentially industry-changing business offering or idea
  • High-quality entrepreneurial management
  • Potential for organic and external growth
  • Simple, solid and value-creating business model
  • Financial flexibility to exploit strategic opportunities


Corporate governance

  • Position of significant shareholder
  • Active contribution to value creation in close collaboration with management
  • Active role within the governance bodies (board of directors and committees)
  • Participation in strategic decision-making, nomination and remuneration of management and determination of the financial structure of investee companies



  • Accretive effect on RMI’s net assets/value
  • Accretive effect on cash earnings