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The businesses in the RMI portfolio are all businesses that took mature industries head on and changed the way things are done



Growing the intrinsic value of investments


Being an active and responsible shareholder of influence

RMI has a long-term investment horizon. Investments are held for as long as needed to optimise their value. Based on the RMI track record, increasing the value and yield of its investments requires close collaboration with their management teams in the context of their boards of directors. The RMI strategy is to position themselves amid the key shareholders, have a long-term approach and play an active role within the governance bodies, particularly when it comes to strategic decision-making by the investee companies.


Maintaining a solid and flexible financial structure

RMI’s objective is to maintain a sound financial structure, with a solid liquidity profile throughout the group, ensuring readily-available resources and a limited net indebtedness in comparison to the portfolio value. This policy gives both RMI and its investees the flexibility required to seize investment opportunities.


Value creation through continuous and sustainable growth of our intrinsic value and dividends

RMI targets financial performance of its underlying investments that exceeds industry benchmarks. Such performance should lead to an increase in underlying value and dividend flow.



Expanding into new markets and segments


RMI’s strategy is to hold a set of investments that is diversified in terms of financial services sub-sectors and geography.


To achieve this, we invest in two types of assets:

  • Traditional assets, including asset management
  • Next-generation financial services businesses which have the potential to eventually become significant investments


To maintain a balance between growth and yield, the breakdown between these different types of assets will evolve, with larger and traditional investments remaining the bulk of the portfolio.


RMI aims to expand its investment portfolio by taking positions in companies that are leaders in their markets and operate in sectors with potential for growth.



Pioneering the next frontier


RMI is actively participating in a dynamic financial services landscape. RMI’s objective is to identify, partner and grow next-generation financial services businesses either through its existing portfolio or through entrepreneur-led businesses.


To achieve this RMI will:

  • Create a physical and digital environment that fosters innovation
  • Create processes and approaches to identify, partner and grow new and disruptive business models
  • Leverage RMI’s capabilities
  • Focus on the entrepreneurs and their businesses

RMI’s investment portfolio