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RMI focuses on investments in the financial services sector, partnering smart, industry-changing management teams

RMI’s history as part of the RMB Group of companies allows it access to the skills, experience and lessons learnt over the last 35 years. These include:


Proven track record

  • RMI is an entrenched and well-known brand
  • RMI has a successful history of investments in both established and startup businesses
  • RMI has embraced corporate activity as an enabler to grow and enhance businesses
  • RMI was brave enough to support entrepreneurial vision and invest in startups which had a dream of changing mature industries that have today evolved into market leaders


Transformative M&A skills employed to create market-leading businesses such as:

  • 1992: RMH’s acquisition of Momentum
  • 1998: RMH’s acquisition of FNB and Southern Life to create FirstRand
  • 2005: Momentum’s acquisition of Sage and Southern Life

Identifying, partnering and growing startup businesses

  • Investing in disruptive businesses such as Discovery (1992) and OUTsurance (1998)
  • Identifying and partnering with the next generation of fintech companies such as Merchant Capital (2015) Entersekt and Prodigy Finance (2017)
  • Diversification of the portfolio into asset management through RMI Investment Managers (2015)


Meaningful partnerships

  • RMI has an empowering culture of allowing business owners to run their businesses without undue interference
  • RMI understands the imperative for patient long-term capital when building sustainable and impactful businesses
  • RMI works with talented and principled business leaders who share similar values and a focus on building enduring enterprises
  • RMI’s aim is to foster lasting and personal relationships with its management partners
  • As far as possible, RMI promotes “preferred status” interaction between its network of portfolio companies.

Experience in navigating complex regulatory environments in multiple geographies


Engaged founding members and shareholders

  • RMI’s founding members GT Ferreira, Paul Harris and Laurie Dippenaar are still invested in RMI and remain involved in an active advisory capacity. This allows the investment team and investee company management partners to benefit from their collective pool of wisdom and experience
  • Remgro and Royal Bafokeng Holdings collectively hold more than a 45% interest in RMI and have entrusted their financial services mandate and interests to RMI and RMH. Both are represented on the board of RMI and actively engage with the investment team


An investment team with significant financial services experience

  • An investment team with a long history dating back to the creation of RMH Group from 1995 onwards. This involvement has also included key roles in various corporate activity initiatives for RMH, RMI, FirstRand, Wesbank, Discovery and MMI